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John J. Mitchell, P.E.

VP & Regional Chief Engineer

215.293.9444 215.293.9446

John Mitchell has over 25 years of highway design experience.  He serves as Regional Chief Engineer for McMahon’s public sector and for the Mid-Atlantic region.  His combined knowledge and experience allows him to evaluate highway design and transportation needs, determine solutions to those needs, and carry those solutions through final design and construction. Mr. Mitchell has also participated in a variety of transportation planning and design projects including needs studies, EIS studies, design location studies, preliminary and final design of highways and roadways, on-road bicycle lanes, multi-use off road trail planning and design, and design coordination of bridges and retaining walls.  He also has specific experience working with PENNDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission on major and minor highway design projects.  Additionally, he is familiar with the PENNDOT approved transportation program development and project delivery process and all transportation engineering procedures.