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Brian Berdel

CSM, Chief Information Officer

215.283.9444 x 1260 Email.

Brian J. Berdel, CSM, Chief Information Officer, primary role is managing software development and related IT Infrastructure projects. Mr. Berdel’s primary focus has been in the development of web-based asset management applications and has led the effort in developing McMahon’s COTS product, TRAISR™. Recent projects include developing web-based asset management and permit automation systems through a combination of GIS Server API’s and ASP.NET, which were customized to meet the specific needs of a client. Mr. Berdel has also utilized .Net to create multiple Windows and web-based database applications for the electronic inventory, maintenance, management and reporting of various data-types. The many GIS tasks Mr. Berdel performs for McMahon include: data conversion, satellite analysis and geo-database development. Also, serving as McMahon’s Systems Administrator, Mr. Berdel designed, developed and ensures the security and maintenance of McMahon’s complex IT Infrastructure, security and standards.