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Brian Berdel

CSM, Chief Information Officer

215.283.9444 x 1260

Brian J. Berdel, CSM, Chief Information Officer, primary role is managing software development and related IT Infrastructure projects. Mr. Berdel’s primary focus has been in the development of web-based asset management applications and has led the effort in developing McMahon’s COTS product, TRAISR™. Recent projects include developing web-based asset management and permit automation systems through a combination of GIS Server API’s and ASP.NET, which were customized to meet the specific needs of a client. Mr. Berdel has also utilized .Net to create multiple Windows and web-based database applications for the electronic inventory, maintenance, management and reporting of various data-types. The many GIS tasks Mr. Berdel performs for McMahon include: data conversion, satellite analysis and geo-database development. Also, serving as McMahon’s Systems Administrator, Mr. Berdel designed, developed and ensures the security and maintenance of McMahon’s complex IT Infrastructure, security and standards.