Our Projects

  • Provide sufficient capacity for vehicular traffic
  • Give safe passage for pedestrians
Our Solutions
  • Topographic survey
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Public involvement
  • Intersection and roadway design
  • Utility Engineering
  • Right-of-Way
  • Environmental permitting

S.R. 0347, Section 207, Dunmore Signal Network

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PennDOT District 4-0 | Dunmore Borough, Lackawanna County, PA
  • S.R. 0347, Section 207, Dunmore Signal Network by McMahon Associates
  • S.R. 0347, Section 207, Dunmore Signal Network by McMahon Associates
  • S.R. 0347, Section 207, Dunmore Signal Network by McMahon Associates

McMahon is the prime consultant responsible for the preliminary engineering and final design of the estimated $5.8 million dollar “Dunmore Signal Network” corridor improvement project. The project will provide lane capacity, pedestrian and traffic signal upgrades along the corridor of Blakely Street and O’Neill Highway in the Borough of Dunmore, PA. The existing roadway and pedestrian network does not provide sufficient capacity for vehicular traffic nor does it provide safe passage for pedestrians on the northern end of the corridor. The corridor area includes a Penn State University commonwealth campus and several other pedestrian generators, such as fast food restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

The proposed improvements include upgrades of traffic signals at 11 intersections, minor roadway widening and restriping to accommodate additional turning lanes and minor intersection realignment, ADA curb ramp upgrades and new sidewalk connections. In addition, the post construction storm water management facilities such as water quality inlets, a rain garden, an infiltration bed and berm were designed to manage additional storm water as a result of the roadway and sidewalk improvements. The project tasks include alternatives analysis, public involvement, preliminary engineering, final design, environmental permitting, utility engineering/clearance, right-of-way plan preparation and preparation of construction plans, specifications and estimate (PS&E package). The project will be submitted and advertised through PennDOT’s Engineering and Construction Management System (ECMS).