Our Projects

  • The greatest challenge was providing a signal design at the proposed widened intersection to replace the existing sign truss that supported all lane traffic signals.
  • The proposed, original solution was for a Mono-tube steel support to span the roadway.
Our Solutions
  • Since McMahon has both traffic signal design and roadway engineering expertise, an alternative recommendation was made to solve the intersection signal control situation.
  • McMahon worked hand-in-hand with the Owner/Builder Representative (City of Cape Coral), FDOT and Lee County.

Del Prado Boulevard Extension

FloridaTraffic & Parking
City of Cape Coral, Lee County, FL
  • Del Prado Boulevard Extension by McMahon Associates
  • Del Prado Boulevard Extension by McMahon Associates
  • Del Prado Boulevard Extension by McMahon Associates

The existing 2-lane corridor of Del Prado Boulevard is proposed to be widened, over this 5-mile segment to be a 4-lane corridor, with multiple signalized intersections, a divided landscaped median with multiple left-turn and right-turn lanes. McMahon is providing the expertise for three traffic signalized intersections, including video detection and corridor interconnection. As part of the expanding ITS/Signal Control in the County of Lee, these intersections will be added to the network. Of major importance is the modernization of the existing signalized intersection of SR 78, Pine Island Road. The intersection is currently signalized, and the support structure is a massive sign-type truss spanning the roadway. This intersection is in horizontal curve, and being upgraded for safety purposes. McMahon evaluated the benefit of replacing the intersection with a truss, or modernizing with multiple mast arms, for improved driver visibility. After redesigning the intersection and coordinating with the County and the FDOT, it was determined the mast arm configuration would be an improvement to the intersection, and would also provide enhancements to the video detection capabilities.