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City of Bonita Springs - TRAISR Implementation

FloridaGIS & Technology
City of Bonita Springs, Lee County, FL
  • City of Bonita Springs - TRAISR Implementation by McMahon Associates
  • City of Bonita Springs - TRAISR Implementation by McMahon Associates
  • City of Bonita Springs - TRAISR Implementation by McMahon Associates

Bonita Springs needed a way to manage its assets, as well as workflow and permit systems. After a needs analysis, McMahon’s solution was the implementation of its web-based GIS software
platform, Traisr(TM).

Traisr is built on the latest Microsoft ASP.NET framework, and is extremely scalable in its architecture. It is capable of meeting anyclient's needs, big or small. Traisr's design and ease of use provide a fully customizable and user-friendly experience. It is comprised of individual functional modules that can be added or removed as needed on a per-client basis. Its comprehensive integration with the ArcGIS online platform adds another layer of real-time GIS asset management; with the capability of synchronizing asset information to and from an organization's ArcGIS online account for use on mobile devices or in the field.

The asset management module (Asset Centrl) for the City of Bonita Springs was based primarily on their needs for infrastructure asset management and visualization of current and future needs. Included with Asset Centrl is a document management system that allows users to upload images and documents to an asset. These images and documents can easily be synchronized with ArcGIS online for viewing on a mobile device. Asset Centrl also allows for the addition of any new asset type, should the township wish to expand their scope of asset management.

The base layer for almost all Traisr clients is the township or city parcel data. McMahon has expert knowledge related to creating, migrating and updating parcel information. Bonita's parcel data was initially imported from an existing dataset and is updated with the latest information monthly through an automated process. Bonita tracks and maintains an additional thirty-five asset types within Traisr. These include: wastewater, storm water, utilities and their transportation infrastructure.

Bonita Springs was also able to leverage Traisr's extensive reporting engine, which provided the ability to generate detailed reports about assets, work orders or permits based on custom, user selected criteria. For this implementation, the reports were custom tailored to include the "out of the box" Traisr reports, as well as numerous city-specific reports.