Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Experiences at McMahon Associates...

"McMahon is truly a wonderful and enjoyable place to work. This is thanks to the caring people and flexible work schedules, which allow you to enjoy your time at work, work around your own schedule, and attend to personal/family needs."
-Natalia T. Lercari, P.E., LEED, Senior Project Manager - West Palm Beach, FL

 "I have grown so much as a person and an engineer since I joined McMahon right out of college in 2000. I find everyone at McMahon, from the President of the company to entry-level staff, to be approachable, helpful, and professional. Management has created an incredible environment for everyone to be productive in."

-Jason Adams, P.E., PTOE, General Manager - Boston
Boston, MA

"After graduating from college, I moved back home to find a job in traffic engineering not really knowing much about the engineering firms in the area. I accepted the first job offer I received, which was from McMahon. That was over 15 years ago, and since then I’ve advanced from an entry-level engineer to senior project manager. I consider myself lucky to have joined McMahon, which has been a great company to work for and great people to work with!"
-John Yurick, P.E., PTOE, Senior Project Manager - Exton, PA

   "I think McMahon does fabulous work that's very creative and is very client-focused. I liked that approach about McMahon and it's proven to be true."

-- Christine Apicella, AICP, Senior Project Manager -- Taunton, MA

"I find it exciting [working at McMahon Associates] just the types of projects we've taken on. The caliber of the projects has elevated. We've got really good staff. We've got a good variety of staff. We're just positioned really well for opportunities moving forward."

-- Maureen Chlebek, P.E., PTOE, Associate & General Manager - Taunton, MA & Lincoln, RI

   "As a company we provide opportunities to get involved in some very exciting projects. Private developer projects. Public sector projects. Working for a wide variety of government agencies. Each project has something to offer. It's exciting for those of us involved in those projects. It's exciting to contribute toward those projects. To help our clients meet their goals. To help our clients be successful in their efforts."

-- Chris Williams, P.E., Associate, VP & Associate Regional Manager - Mid Atlantic