Beyond Benefits

New Student Loan Assistance Program

McMahon now offers eligible employees payment assistance with their student loans. We understand the financial concerns of new graduates, and employees who want to continue reaching for new heights in their education, and we've responded with a program that provides assistance for repaying loans that are accumulated in that pursuit.

  • Available to regular full-time and part-time employees
  • Payments made directly to the loan agency
  • Talk to us to find out more!

It's a Flex World

McMahon encourages employees to find the schedule that fits their world - to make you the most productive while at work, while still taking outside-office needs into consideration. 

Match Your Money

Employees are eligible to enter our company 401k plan during the quarterly enrollment period. Immediately following the completion of three months of service and 250 hours of work with McMahon. Eligible employees can elect to contribute up to 25% of annual compensation to the plan through pre-tax, payroll deductions. The company will match $0.50 of the employee contributions up to 5% of your compensation in accordance with the plan's vesting schedule. 

Making a Better World

Engineering is not just sitting in front of computers performing traffic analysis, writing a report, or using CAD (Computer Aided Design) to design a left turn lane. It is dealing with people – clients, engineering peers, agencies, and the community.

McMahon staff gets involved. Professionally, our staff includes a national engineering society president, several past presidents of regional professional societies, statewide engineers of the year, chairs of many professional committees, and members of municipal bodies.

Moreover, McMahon gives to the community, with staff participating in outreach to school children; science, math, and building competitions; Habitat for Humanity; and Ronald McDonald House voluntary efforts to name a few. We are what we give to the profession and to society!

Having Fun Together

Whether participating in a BREW Crew activity (Biking, Running, Exercise, Walking) with other employees or getting together at the office for BBQs or ice cream or other fun activities, McMahon embraces the work hard / play hard philosophy. We are dedicated to making McMahon a great place to come to everyday.